Who I Am

Philosophy of Education

"For most students, it is not that their aim is too high and they miss it, but it is too low and they reach it." - Diana Day

A student must be given high expectations in order to result in high performance. They must recognize that they possess the ability to both learn and to succeed. As a child, I did not recognize that I had the ability to excel. I struggled in many ways with learning and was never really encouraged to prove myself to the best of my abilities. No one ever took the time to differentiate for my specific learning style and needs. I eventually accepted that I was just unable to learn. I now know that this is not true; that every child has the ability to learn. After years of struggling, my eyes were opened to the fact that I could achieve much more than I had come to expect from myself. Difficulties from my past are what sparked the desire in me to pursue a career in teaching. I desire to make sure that each student receives the appropriate support, guidance and encouragement throughout their education. As a teacher, I educate all students, despite their differences, and encourage them to achieve their goals. I believe that every student is able to learn and that it is my responsibility to adapt my instruction and provide guidance and support to all students throughout their education.

Teaching requires dedication and consistency. As a teacher, I make sure that I take the time to know the individual needs of my students so that I may provide them with the opportunity to grow and mature intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically. In my opinion, consistency in systems of procedures, clear expectations, and positive reinforcement creates trust and a standard of fairness that substantially affects the relationships between students and teachers. I recognize that an organized classroom in which the students are both encouraged and given high expectations is vital to the education of each student. Through the use of differentiated instruction and behavior management techniques I will create a classroom environment that is safe and secure for every child. It is my passion to create lessons that address each child's needs effectively while maintaining a learning environment that is suitable for all.

Education is a profession of life-long learning. My philosophy of education is ever-changing and evolving as I continually learn from my students, peers and community.

Behavior Management Plan

This is my Behavior Management Plan. It is a book that I have created explaining the environment, rules and procedures that will be used in my classroom.

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During my senior year at St. Edward's University I conducted research and wrote a senior thesis about whether or not students with learning disabilities should be in inclusion classrooms.

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